Educational project for young people «UPgrade»

Author of the project: Alexander Korol

+380 67 656-21-27




Description: The mission of the educational project "UPgrade" is to create the best focus for development, improvement and self-realization of successful and socially active young people as a source of decisive and qualitative changes in the life of mankind.

18 finalists after the selection during 3 months will be trained by the best trainers of Ukraine and Russia, will gain the baggage of interesting and useful knowledge, as well as the benefit and pleasure to spend time in the circle of the most active and most talented young people!

During the training, the participants of the project twice a week will participate in trainings and workshops aimed at developing of the leadership skills, personal qualities, business knowledge and skills and more. Also they will get the experience in creating and implementing their own projects, both commercial and social. According to the demonstrated results will elected a winning team, which is most successfully implemented the goals and objectives.