Charity Shop "Happy"

Author of the project: Lena Klimenicheva



The idea is simple: people bring good unnecessary things, in the shop they are being cleaned, ironed, assorted and sold. These proceeds are used for charitable purposes. We are helping the foundation "Hope and believe", which takes care of children with cancer


For a long time there are many charity shops in Europe and America. Unfortunately Ukrainian Government doesn't support this kind of projects. And there are no special laws about social organizations and so we have to pay for the shop rent, equipment and communal-general service by ourselves.


For the shop to be started to work in Ukraine we need 7875$

 This money go for:


- the first rent payment

 - buying special equipment for the shop (racks, clothes hangers, shelfs, wardrobes etc)

 - buying materials for renovation of placement for the shop (wallpaper, paint etc)


If for any reason you can not give money to help children with cancer:

Please share this info and placed our button.  These easy steps do not cost money 


Thank you for any help