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Welcome to the International Charity Foundation "Help young"

How long have you been dreaming? How often have your dreams come true? It is not a secret that nowadays, as never before, youth generates unique ideas. And what should we do the next? Only those, who during sleepless nights convert their ideas into real projects, know how difficult may be the way of its realization. Those people take care of and cherish their ideas, they have been running from one sponsor to another, proving the importance of their own ideas vigorously. There are many examples of their successful realization: Google, Facebook, Apple Inc. etc. Unfortunately, many years can pass in counting all unrealized interesting and useful projects. There are lots of questions and doubts, but the answer is obvious:
     We believe that each project is worth. 
         Your creative work is worth attention.
              The only thing you should do is to move this way! 

Who we are to claim this so confident? We are a team of active and young persons who have already realized their projects and support other’s. Become one of us. Start acting! 
   Here are our immediate actions:

Grouping of people with similar ideas,
Active collection of resources for interesting youth and social projects.

We are very grateful for:

⇒    Any financial support,
⇒    Participation in the advertisement of our ideas within social networks, blogs, livejournal,
⇒    Placement of our banners on your site.

We know that actions say more than words.

Good luck to all of us!